Thursday, July 10, 2008

Most Recent update- April fools

Most Recent update-- April Fool's

We got internet tonight! It is real SLOW! I have other entries to blog that i have written but since the internet is not cooperating very well i will give an update to what has happened.I will write all the details out later but will give you the short of it here. WE STILL DON'T HAVE PASSPORTS. But God IS working on it! Yesterday, I spent the good part of the day at immigration trying to get some paper moving and it moved alright from desk to desk. I didn't walk out of there with passports but saw God move on my behalf even though it was not exactly what i had in mind. As i told you before I have been sick. And for 2 days, it was quite awful. Thanks to all of you who covered me in prayer. I began to feel better and Sunday afternoon the 30th. i was able to eat a little lunch and had them bring Isaiah up to spend the day. At first he didn't respond to me but had just woken up. He then settled down and loved all over me. Allenni about drove me crazy wanting to hold him and play with him and he was a little put out with her himself. throughout the afternoon i was feeling sick to my stomach and had a hard time staying out of the bathroom. When they came and got Isaiah at 6:30pm, I was very sick. I went up to my room after getting Allenni and Andrew dinner and just lay in bed. I was up all night with it plus stated feeling bad again with all the other. It was miserable all night. I prayed and cried, God please help me I have to go to Immigration tomorrow. By 7am I called Brenda telling her what was happening and she called back, You have to get up. Today is very important. The enemy does not want you to go in. We will pray and I have prescrip. meds and we will pray over you before we go. I tried to eat bread but couldn't. They prayed for me and the churning in my stomach died down some, I took the meds and So off we went. I was so nauseaus. Every smell was awful. Then Micah, Anya's baby, had two poopy diapers in the car while going and so I am hanging my head towards the window trying to not hurl but the smells of Africa are not much improvement! Brenda, who is driving, is praying for me and i am praying for me. We arrive and wait for James to get there with the grandfather. Anya and Brenda pray for me again and when it came time for me to get out of that car, I quoted psalms in a low voice, "You are my strength and my strong tower". I am victorious in Christ Jesus. Satan you will not win and keep me down." As soon as my foot hit the ground My nausea went away and i felt strengthened! The closer I walked to the gate the better i felt. By time we got inside I was feeling well and strengthened. I will fill in all details later as I am really tired and need to go to bed but The children were declared NOT UGANDANS by this man I had a hard time liking. He was a hard man and did not care. He interviewed the grandfather and almost had him in tears. I was in tears. His reasons for declaring them not ugandans was totally unfair. You can pray for him. Because our file will go back through him. His name is Mr. Namuri. I felt hopeless after this man showed me he had no heart. But Brenda who had been waiting all this time sent me back in to talk to the director of immigration that God had allowed me to meet earlier and the director told me not to worry, the picture was not so grim. If the children were foundlings even if their heritage is Rwandan, they could be granted ugandan citizenship and then get a passport. He would work on it next Monday as he was out of town til then. So you can pray for him. His name is Godfrey Wanzira. These two men can issue my passports. God is at work. Please pray for Allenni. She is having a lot of rage tantrums lately and I am bruised and battered and scratched. Though I don't get emotional with her I have to control her sometimes to try to calm her down. She is very strong and it takes all i have to contain her. Tonight after I got her in bed, she jumped off and came after me clawing me and kicking me pretty bad. I am ok but this child has a lot in her built up that is coming to a boiling point. Pray for a healing in her heart. the slightest thing can set her off sometimes without warning. I thank God now for my training with a few of my other kids! Now I don't get so stressed out about it. just drained physically. I felt a lot better today. Just mainly rested, read( I haven't read a novel in about 12 years and have finished 2) and watched the kids. I still feel weak but am getting stronger. i know it is because of those of you lifting me up. I was able to eat today and Esther was happy about that. Well, bye more later

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