Thursday, July 10, 2008

Progress on Passports

Progress on passports

Just want to write and ask for everyone for prayer. We made some progress on passports today and are bringing Allenni and Andrew's grandfather to testify that the kids are Ugandan. Please cover this in prayer. We believe we will have passports by next week. God has been sustaining us. Isaiah has transitioned to the foster home and is doing well. I have missed him but have welcomed the rest. Please pray for my health it has plummeted in the last few days. I have a kidney stone, a sinus infection, and A burning ulcer and possible malaria. So needless to say, I am not well at all. With pain killer, i feel better but am real weak. Allenni and andrew are fearful that I will die because here if someone is sick, death is ususally nearby. it is all they know. I have been trying to assure them that i will be ok. So pleaase pray for peace for them. Allenni has been sick again with her asthma and i am trying to keep her from getting Pnuemonia again. Rainy season has started and the weather is much cooler. Through all of this, my spirits have reamined high and God has been faithful to keep me uplifted.

Thanks to everyone who is keeping us in their prayers.

Well, i better run, I'm a little groggy. Love you all Melissa

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