Thursday, July 10, 2008

When you know you have been in Africa Too Long

When you know you have been in Africa too long

When You Know You Have Been in Africa Too Long Well, you have been waiting for it, so here it is. 1. The lizard living in your room has grown up and had babies. 2. It is only 60 degrees and you want a winter coat. 3. You totally mismatch in your outfit and don’t care. 4. you talk very precise and sound African British 5. You pray the power to come on so you can wash a load of laundry so you won’t have to go the tribal look. 6. You rejoice if the power stays on a full 24 hours 7. Your new weight loss program includes a ride up the mountain (bouncing all over the place), sweating all day, walking to and from church, and a liter bottle of water. 8. A trip to the grocery store is exciting 9. You dream about Pizza and McDonalds (Kids I will gladly go with you when I get home) 10. The big bugs don’t bother you anymore and instead they intrigue you. 11. When you and your friend sit on edge listening to each other’s life history for replacement of reality TV. 12.

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