Thursday, July 10, 2008

Easter Monday, March 26

Easter Monday, March 26

Easter Monday, March 26 Today has been good. I felt very tired all day. Isaiah decided that 5:30 was the time to wake up this morning despite me trying to convince him that it WAS NOT! We fell asleep finally around 8 am only to be woken up by Andrew and Allenni at 8:30 am. I kept busy today doing laundry, cleaning the room and rearranging furniture because I am bored with the look.! Isaiah was a happy baby all day yesterday and today. Last night Allenni and Andrew discovered their Easter gift under their blankets and were totally excited! Water guns! Big ones! This morning I gave them the ground rules about the guns and warned if they were broken , no guns. I also was a little mean and gave them the shock treatment by squirting water in their face without warning. They got the point that there was to be no squirting in the face because they totally disliked it! Of course Andrew broke the rules 3 times and got his gun taken away three times! He is stubborn and will do what he pleases. Any time he gets reprimanded, he goes into this spill in Luganda that I do not like him and only like Allenni. Blah, Blah, Blah. No I do not speak Luganda! Allenni takes it upon herself to translate for me. (They call it reporting instead of tattle tailing). When he gets mad he refuses to speak English. I thanked Allenni for the translation and then ignored him because I don’t speak Luganda. Any way, I helped Allenni tie Isaiah to her back and she walked him around. He was in heaven. He just laughed his head off. Of course Andrew was jealous and kept begging and whining to do it. Allenni kept telling him, “You are a boy and they don’t carry babies.” I gave in any way and he soon discovered it was not easy work and the baby is heavy. In less than 10 minutes he was back and said I don’t want to do this. I’m finished. Allenni was delighted so wrapped him back on hers. Isaiah is doing so much better and you can tell he is feelling a lot better. He is laughing amore and is not as fussy. He finally had solid bowel movements!!!! Yeah!!!! (sorry) But that was a real struggle trying to get him from constant diarrhea. It was actually a combination of several things. The soy milk and porridge did wonders for him and we dewormed him and finally he got rid of the stomach cramps and diarrhea. I have figured out some things he is allergic to and with the liquid vitamins he is becoming a lot stronger. He is growing too. He feels heavier. ( I don’t have access to scales to see.) He wants to walk so bad. He moves everywhere now. You have to keep an eye on him. It is amazing what 4 weeks has done to this child! He actually needs a stage 3 diaper now as the stage 2 he was using are getting tight. He and I have a bond that everyone notices and it is going to be really hard to leave him. We are going to start transitioning him to mama Beatrice’s house tomorrow. I will keep him most of the day and he will sleep there at her house. He needs to get used to her and seeing both of us. I need some rest and Allenni and Andrew need some attention. It is going to be hard but hopefully I will be back soon to get him. Last night it got cold!!! I am talking about in the 50’s. It rained and the temp plummeted. I had to dig my long pajamas and long sleeve shirt as well as a blanket and shut all the windows and door. I couldn’t get warm. It finally warmed up in the day. Rainy season has come and the weather is a lot cooler. In fact it has come more than a month early. I am not minding it all. Well, I better get some shut eye. It is late and I need some rest while the rest of the gang is sleeping.

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