Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Visit to the Doc-- Jan. 31

Visit to the Doc Jan. 31

Visit to the Doc
Thursday, Jan.31

Well, we got up before the children today!!! They did not like us waking them up at all. Pay back!!!
We were ready at 6am and waited for our driver, Richard who showed up a few minutes later. Martin was escorting us and he loves to sleep and told us yesterday that he might have to have John escort him as John is an early riser. Sure enough, a little late, Martin came looking all sleepy eyed telling us that John had to escort him to the house! Martin is so funny and keeps us laughing.
We went down the mountain (which we found out is 4000 ft. above sea level) and go to a gas station which was dark and looked closed. They pulled in anyway and tooted and tooted their horn. Jana looked at the tank and it was on empty. No one came so Richard pulled off. As we pulled out onto the road someone came out screaming. Richard turned around and the very sleepy looking man filled our tank. Jana and I figured out that they must sleep there to protect the fuel as it is so expensive at this point.
We arrived in town at the clinic 45 minutes early so we sat in the car. It was cool so was nice. Around 7:20 we went up to the clinic and it wasn't opened but met the doc on call who happened to be a pediatrician and was very nice. At 7:30 which was our appointment, the clinic was still not open and finally at 8 they opened and at 8;10 we watched Dr. Stockley run in with his tie hanging around his neck and tennis shoes in hand. A few minutes later we were called and told to go to exam 1. We found it and waited. At first Jana and I thought he was going to be hard to deal with but he was actually funny and had us laughing as he went off about the bird flu vaccine, homeopathic medicine and etc. He then pulled out a book and asked me if I had read it. "It is a good book by an American author", He said. I looked at the front and back cover telling him that I had never seen it. It was titled, "Everything Men Understand About Women" He continued, "You need to read the first few pages of it now." So I opened the book and every page was blank!!!! He started laughing and so did we. He was great with the kids in their physicals. He told us that Allen had been in on Jan. 4, for pneumonia and had had a round of antibiotics. She has been sick since we have had her. But is doing better as we have been giving her medicine. I think she has asthma. God also showed us favor here. (#9) He couldn't find Andrew's record but assumed that he had been there when Allen had for vaccines and checkup and filled out his paperwork anyway.
He finished up, and sent us on our way wishing us well and sent the medicals to the U.S. Embassy.
After leaving there we went to Emmaus House and dropped off the trunks of supplies for HFU to Dorthy and then headed back to Seguku Village. By this time it was lunch and we headed up the dreaded stairs to eat. The rest of the day was spent reading, playing with the kids and visiting with the students. We figured out how to get the kids to bed quietly. My back was hurting so badly from sleeping on the floor that I told the kids that I would fix a pallet on the floor for Andrew in the room and Mommy would sleep in the big bed. Well, they jumped up and down with excitement, clapping their hands with joy. I told them I would be in later and they went right to sleep! Yeahhhhhhhhh!
We are really missing our families right now. Hope the days fly by soon and we get home.

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