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To the Doc's again - Tues. Jan.29,2008

To the Doc's again- Tues. 29th

To the doctor's again
Tuesday, Jan. 29,2008

We arose very early before daybreak because Allen first scared the hibby jibby's out of Jana first and then me. Jana woke up to this Black thing in the dark leaning over her mosquito net saying, "Maaam, Maam, Maam!" It was Allen!
I didn't hear them up but a little later I jumped up straight up off my palette on the floor when I thought there might be a lizard or big bug crawling on me! It was Allen! She laughed her head off. So started our day. Already sleep deprived, I did not want to get up. We fed them breakfast and got ready, both of them excited about putting on new clothes. I was right on the money with Allen's size but Andrew is tiny and a 7 is too big. I brought all 10's but 2 pairs of shorts. His shirts swallow him whole. Poor thing. We got dressed and left for town, headed for our appointment. Joseph met with us and after going over the records, He informed me that they needed an HIV test as the others they supposedly had were not recorded and they needed a varicella vaccine. But we could not see Dr. Stockley today, We would have to come back on Thursday at 7:30am. Ugh! Allen weighs 5 pounds more than Andrew! She is shorter but very stocky.
They did well with their shots and finger prick neither one of them crying. Peeing in a cup was not as easy. Allen had to go to the toilet, so I took her. As soon as I came back they tell me , we need pee in a cup!OK! Andrew was told to do it and he just rips open his pants and does it right there in the office. We talk Allen into drinking a lot of water. A little later Allen goes to the toilet which is a squatty potty and orders me, "OUT" I showed her what to do and left. Well, a minute later, I checked on her and she handed me the cup grinning from ear to ear. She had peed in it but then poured it down the toilet! Yahhh yahhh yahh yahhhh!!!!!
So...... We really have to talk her into drinking more water and this time we are successful as we have really emphasized, no toilet!
We then make an appointment to see Dr. Stockley for Thursday morning. Now this is another favor! Since they hadn't had all the labs and vaccines they were supposed to, they were supposed to wait 21 days before the doc appt. was scheduled. This was an answered prayer. We will see the doc tomorrow!
After we left the doctor, we headed back to the house and spent the rest of the day with the kids. We had "quiet time" in which Andrew did real well in his room and Allen did not. Unknown to me who had crashed on the couch, Allen was swinging from the curtains in the room and pulled the rod down. When Jana stood on a chair to try to fix it, the bottom gave out and she went right through!!! As I understand, Allen and Andrew thought that was the funniest thing ever! Jana was ok, thank God. But Allen never went to sleep and keep Jana running. All day Allen begged for a bath and sweets(candy). She loves to pitch a temper tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants and is very dramatic. We pray she will use this talent for the Lord one day! :)
Night time came and we prayed that she would go to bed pretty early. It didn't happen because Lydia and Mollie (2 of the bible students) came over to visit and play a card game. We had a great evening. These girls are such a joy to be around. I will tell you more of their stories later.
We gave Allen her medicine for her congestion and prayed for sleep to come over her and about an hour later of back and forth to the bathroom and crying (whining) she fell asleep. Thankful, we crashed ourselves. Allen also is an early riser up before daybreak! I am not liking that at all. This morning, she went into Jana's room and got her up and got Andrew up which woke me up so our day started VERY early. She is going to have to learn that Mommy is NOT a morning person!

Wed. Jan. 30
Today was pretty much a lazy day.
With no where to go, we just hung out here at the house and played with the kids. No nap time happened for the kids but we did sort of get them to stay in the bedroom for "quite time". This time Jana got a nap as I did child patrol. Tomorrow we pray the doc visit goes well and the 21 days are waived of waiting between labs and final doc visit. We have to leave tomorrow at 6am so that menas we have to get up at 5am. Ugh! I have been sleeping on a pallet on the floor in the living room so the kids can go to bed earlier than us and I like it because there is a fan in there but my back is telling me otherwise. We have a lizard friend in the house and I hope he doesn't want to visit me on the floor! We had hoped to sleep in but of course it didn't happen. Miss Allen was up at dawn hanging over Jana through the mosquito net saying, Maam, Maam, Maam! (pronounced Mom drawn out) Then once Jana was awake. I was awaken by something crawling on me and shot straight up thinking my lizard had visited or a cockroach was crawling on me and it was Allen using her fingers crawling on my back!!!! She burst out in her toothless grin, with a boisterous laugh that Mommy had gotten scared! She is a mess!

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