Thursday, July 10, 2008


Update- email sent out

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to write and give an update to you about what is going on.
First, I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad to be home! It has been good. I have had lots of sleep this past week and have enjoyed my kids and husband. We are all different but in a good way. God has definitely sustained us and drawn everyone closer to himself. words cannot even describe the wonderful emotions welling up inside of me. I went to the Doctor on monday and am doing better physically. the results from my test are supposed to come back today.
I actually lost 21 pounds and a dress size while gone!
Hope i don't gain it all back!
Allenni is doing much better and went back to school.
thanks to all of you for your prayers.

I recieved an email today from our attorney and the news is not good and i will post a quote from his email below so you will know how to pray.
Though the news does not look that promising, God is Soverign and I KNOW these are my kids. He will provide a way for them to leave there and come home to their new country. i am asking for you to join me in the next few days to pray for an open door to bring these children home.

The quote: from a letter from the Prime minister's office,
"Following your application for a Ugandan Passport and subsequent interviews, it was found out that you are a descendant of a Rwandese refugee and therefore not eligible for a Ugandan Passport. You are however advised to explore the possibility of getting a travel document from UNHCR or through the Prime Minister's Office".

So thanks for praying and standing behind us to bring these children home.
You know, when we got the girls from Romania, Romania shut down and was not allowing any children to complete the adoption process or travel. God gave us their passports when it everyone said it was not possible. i am believing that for these kids.

One other thing, if you are receiving these emails and do not want to, please email me and I will gladly remove you. some of you may have accidently got on my lists who don't know me well as I am connected to a lot of adoption networking lists. So I apologize in advance for the problem.

Thanks again for your love and support, i have felt the many prayers throughout all of this.
Still haven't gotten to my blog to update it but will. Oh, a lot of you have inquired if I am going to write a book and the answer is yes. It has been on my heart for a very long time to do so and this trip to Africa will just add a few chapters! HA! I pray God will open time for me to focus on this in this new year.
We will leave May 4 to return to Uganda.
Blessings and Love,
Melissa -- eli carter

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