Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back Home

Back Home- email sent out

Hello from America! I made it home safe and exhausted! I will detail more on my blog later. I was so good to see my family. The surprise went off without a hitch and let's just say the kids were uh.... shocked. they just stared at me like i was a ghost for a minute or two! Then latched onto me and haven't let me go since. I have been sick still with stomach stuff and if i haven't improved by monday i will go to the doctor. I am having terrible internal pain in my back and stomach and food is not agreeing with me. Duane thinks it is something to do with my colon. I am getting rest and have been sleeping A LOT! God is so good. I cannot tell you really in words how much everyone has changed. not only physically but spiritually as well. it has blessed me to see my kids prayer lives changed and to see that their relationship with God has gone to a deeper level. My kids are all miracles! God has drawn them to himself through all of this and i am blown away. Please pray for Allenni. She is sick and thursday morning after arriving home I got a call from Brenda and they had to take her to the hospital because of a bad asthma attack. This was concern of mine before I left. We have been keeping her on a low dose of predinsone but I was weaning her off as I didn't want her on it that long. She is already in a dangerous area having took it for so long now. Brenda called yesterday and she is doing much better and is staying the weekend with them before going back to the School. Please remember her. If she keeps having attacks, they will have to move her to a day school near Brenda and Scott and she will have to live with them. they already have a house full and this would be a lot on them. (Allenni is a high maintenance person.) (Smile) So I ask that you cover her in prayer for her healing. please continue to pray for the kids passports. i would like to have them ready waiting on me when I return. I along with duane will return the first week of May. duane has to be there for Isaac's court stuff. Thanks again for all of you who have prayed for us, who have brought meals and are bringing meals and have sent gift cards for meals and have helped with the kids. i can never thank you enough! i am praying that God pours out his blessings on you because you poured out your blessings on us! Love, Melissa P.S. I have lots of pics and blogging to do so keep checking the blog to see.

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