Sunday, July 13, 2008

April 17- email sent

email sent April 17

Well, I want to give you an update on the latest. Our attorney met with Internal affairs this morning but was told they would get back to him. Last night, I was awakened by god and felt the urgent need to pray for Allenni and Andrew and all that was going on. Only this morning did i realize that it was at the same time that Our attorney was meeting with internal affairs. (Africa is 8 hours ahead of us). So that was neat. Also, last night I sent emails out to my Senator and to UNCHR (Untited nations commission on Human Rights) asking for help in granting a travel document to the kids to travel to the United states without a passport. i found that this can be allowed to people who are Stateless and since Uganda has declared then as non-ugandans and Rwanda won't claim them, they are kids without a country. So please pray that they will be allowed to travel even if passports are not issued. I never knew this was a possibility and feel greatly encouraged. On another note, i got my test results back and everything about me is perfectly normal! No parasites,no infection and blood counts are all good. so, it is either a virus or a spiritual matter where the enemy is trying to keep me down. But we are victorious in Christ and I will not let the enemy get me down. Thanks again for all your prayers! Blessings, melissa

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