Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on Mukisa's Journey to America

Update on Mukisa's journey to America

Update on Mukisa’s Journey to America While I have been here the paperwork process has started with Mukisa’s guardianship. This past week, there was a routine investigation of the background of Mukisa and the events surrounding his release to the Baby House/Foster care here. That has hopefully been completed or will be in the next several days. Next I will meet with a social worker for this area and be granted the status as his Foster mom since I have been caring for him since I got him. Since I was still in country, they let me stay with Mukisa under supervision til I leave the country and then he will go to Mama Beatrice, until I return in May to get him. This will look good on my application for his guardianship. The social worker will note what condition he was in when he was put into UCOM’s care and how he has improved in these three weeks. So the plan is to meet with the SW this week. Mukisa despite all his set backs is doing well. He really wants to walk and is now starting to pull up with a little help. He no longer sits in one spot but rolls and scoots! He wants to crawl but can’t quite figure out how to get his knees to work! It is amazing how much he has changed in so little time! God is a miracle worker! This little boy loves kisses and hugs and gives them out too! He knows his nose and I taught him the sign to eat. So he tells me that too when he sees food! Plus laughs! He points now when he wants something or wants to go somewhere. He was singing last night and clapping his hands. He had a tune going, and I swear it sounded like he was singing “Praise Him, Praise Him”! So, yes, I will be home for a month and then turn around and come back and get him and be here about 10 days. The process through which I am getting Mukisa is different than the one where I obtained guardianship of Allenni and Andrew. It is a little simpler but I obtain guardianship for 3 years and then return to Uganda and go through the adoption process here. We do have to return every 6 months with the child to obtain another entry visa to the US. Well, it sounds like another storm is blowing in and I better get to bed anyway to get some sleep while the rest of the crew is sleeping.

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