Thursday, July 10, 2008

March 17, 2008

March 17

March 17, 2008 Saturday night, Mukisa ran a fever all night and continued to have diarrhea. He was pretty miserable. He hardly ate anything all day Sunday and was clingy and fussy. He would only sleep if I held him. I was afraid he might be coming down with malaria as mosquitoes love him. So, He and I did not go to Church. Anya, a lady here adopting another baby offered to take Allenni and Andrew with her to church and it was a great break and gave me some quite time without interruption. Wonderfully Mukisa played by himself happily and I got a little over an hour to read my bible and do a few things that needed doing. Sunday lunch was a trip sown to Scott and Brenda’s house for a wonderful American Sunday dinner! We got internet access there which is why you have the previous blogs! Sunday night, before bed, I prayed with the kids, asking for peaceful rest for us all and healing for Mukisa. Thankfully, he slept well except for a 2 am feeding and dirty diaper. As he had not eaten much all day he woke up hungry. Since he can’t drink milk and soy formula is not to be found here. We headed to the kitchen to find something to feed him. We found banana bread and warm diluted tea. (Now I gotta stop here and tell you what I find when I turn on the kitchen lights at night, BIG BIG ANTS! , They’re a little freaky cause they walk like they are trying to hold up their pants legs and not get them wet! They love sugar and are always around the tea thermos where the sugar container is. They freak out when the lights come on and they feel vibrations. They are more scared of me than I of them! They are the fastest ants I have ever seen and scurry to hide till you leave.) How’d you like that rabbit trail? Anyway, Mukisa got his tummy satisfied and decided it was play time! So he cooed for a while while I decided to text Duane about Mukisa’s diaper contents so he would feel included in his progress! I felt it was legitimate as Duane WAS on call! HA! Can you tell I am bored over here! And need some entertainment? Which reminds me, you will soon be getting the top 10 signs when you know you have been in Africa too long! I am working on it! So, back off the rabbit trail #2. Oh, I forgot! Duane was in church when he got my texts and tried to not burst out laughing at my attempt to keep up his quota on diaper contents questions. Anyway, Mukisa finally went back to sleep and so did I! Come Monday we all slept past 9am which is a surprise! We awoke refreshed and ready for the new day! The joy of the Lord filled our hearts and it is really hard to explain but there was this great joy just around. Mukisa was not sick and was just a happy little boy. He cooed, laughed, played and ate well all day! I had to go into town this afternoon to change my plane tickets as I won’t be leaving tomorrow and Anya and Brenda decided to go with me. We left Allenni and Andrew at Brenda’s to play with her kids. KLM has been so gracious and has not charged me at all for the 5 times I have changed my ticket. Thank you God for favor! Afterwards we went in search for a pharmacy that had my hormone pills. We found one and am so grateful! I did not want to look forward to hot flashes and nausea. At the pharmacy, there was also a European Pastry shop and so we stopped and Anya treated us to a pastry and tea. Tea time is important here. I am beginning to like it myself. We then headed to the mini market to get a few things and went home. After dinner as I was getting Mukisa ready for bed he became very fussy and started breaking out in hives and rash and his eyes, lips, face and neck started swelling. I then noticed he was grabbing his diaper and took it off and he was all broken out there too. It started spreading fast and so I went to Anya’s room and got some benydrl. I had no idea how much to give him because he is so little. So then I texted Duane to call me. I was crying at this point, getting a little scared and so went to Anya’s room and asked her to pray over him with me. Duane called and I hadn’t given him enough Benydrl so I gave him the rest of what he needed. I held my naked baby with a cold towel over him and just prayed because he couldn’t stand a diaper on. The swelling started to go down and he dozed off to sleep for a little bit. A little later the swelling down and the rash remaining, he was uncomfortable so he got lathered again with calamine lotion. I tell you he wants to be a white boy! I finally got him back to sleep after some more meds Duane said I could give him and now he sleeps! Yeah! I should be sleeping but this is the only time I can write and not get interrupted or distracted! I found some movies here at the guest house so decided I wanted to watch one as we had power so I invited Allenni (who was not sleeping and hardly does) to come to my bed and watch the movie with me. We shared earphones and you could tell she was thrilled. Tomorrow I will hear it because she will definitely let Andrew know and then he will whine! Oh, which reminds me! Guess what Andrew did tonight? Well, the little boy is supposed to be taking a shower and We hear all this commotion in there like he has knocked all the shampoo bottles over. The next thing I know, He has the door open saying, “Mommy, I am falling” and has blood running down his leg. He also show me my razor that is broken that it fell from the rack. I go into the bathroom and see blood no where else. So, this doesn’t add up. The cut on his leg LOOKS like he has tried to shave! So I ask him, “Andrew did you take mommy’s razor and cut your leg?” “No Mommy, “ He whines, “I am falling down” .(Their English is not real good yet) So I ask him, “ how did you fall? I see no where you fell.” Did you use mommy’s razor?” “Mommy”, he whines again. I asked him again showing him, the razor that held his black skin in it. He admitted that he had done that. Be sure your sins will find you out! There is always evidence! LOL I didn’t spank him but let him suffer through the shower and then put a bandaid on it while I talked about the things he had done wrong in this situation and why they were wrong. And he actually apologized to me and we ended in kisses and hugs. So my other little boy tried to shave his leg! Really there is never a dull moment here so I shouldn’t have time to think up 10 signs you have been in Africa too long! By the way Happy St. Pat's day

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