Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Thoughts About Orphans

Some thoughts about orphans

Some thoughts about orphans You know, It is so gut wrenching to see children so alone and sick. I get quite angry in my spirit at evil and satan. It seems so unfair. They are alone by no reason of their own. They got caught in middle. I am so glad that though it seems hopeless, some find hope. The magnitude of the problem is overwhelming. There are many factors that contribute to the problem and it may seem like there is too much to do to correct it, so we do nothing. There is a shortage of people who will take in these kids who need hope! There are governments who hold them hostage in their own countries and make them invisible! There is much red tape to go through to get a child. Finances stand in the way. There is fear that you cannot love anyone but your own blood. I could go on and on with things. But even if we are overwhelmed, we cannot ignore the orphan. Jesus made it clear, “You do unto the least of these and you have done unto me.” I will admit, it is not an easy road to go down. It can be quite bumpy at times. But it is a road that Jesus is on and He walks with you through the rough places. Like the rich young ruler, We have to decide if we are willing to give up what we hold dear, to serve Jesus. This is a hard place for all of us to come to, me included, Are we willing? What is our answer? Will we walk away? Or Will we follow?

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