Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interruption of the Stories- March 15

interruption of the stories

Interruption March 15, 2008 Today is another sad day. I just talked to Duane on the phone and he told me the sad news that Tian Tian had gone to see Jesus. Tian Tian is one of the babies that I helped raise money for a couple of months ago. From what Duane told me, her shunt got infected and she did not make it. Oh, how my heart is saddened and aches. IAAP took such good care of her, We don’t understand these things but we know that God is always good. Maybe she came into this world to help us better understand how to love and care. Maybe she came to bring someone closer to knowing Jesus. Maybe she came to show us how to have compassion like Jesus. She touched many lives, I know. She touched mine. Like Judah, Tian Tian is dancing in the arms of her heavenly daddy. She is no longer in pain and is smiling, I know at all that surrounds her. On my website where I had her fundraiser, I played a song by my friend, Marie called “Lullaby”. The words go like this, “The angels sang a lullaby, a lullaby to the King, The angels sang a lullaby, that only Heaven sings. My Father sings a lullaby, songs of joy and peace. My Father sings a lullaby, He’s singing over me. (I love you my child) He’s singing over me, Singing over me.” So, tonight, little Tian Tian, you got to see the Father who has been singing over you for these many months while you were sick. I am so happy for you.

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