Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mukisa's Story

Mukisa's Story

Mukisa’s Story I have referred to parts of Mukisa’s story before. But now I will try to tell the whole story. Mukisa was born almost 2 years ago. But he is the size of a 6 month old. In fact 6 month clothes are too big for him. He can’t weigh more that 13 pounds. His birth mom was a young girl who traveled to Kampala, probably in search of work. She ended up pregnant and returned to the village to have the baby. At birth or a couple of days after, the mother died. The family, accusing the baby of killing the mother, gave the baby to the mother’s sister and told her to go kill it. Here in Africa their belief in curses is very real and witchcraft is very common. The aunt couldn’t follow through and took the baby and hid him and cared for him as much as she could. Her husband was totally against this so everyday she took him tied on her back to the field to work. At home he was sat down in one place. The aunt tried to breast feed him but had no milk, so he did not develop as a normal child should. His diet mainly consisted of rice and posho ( a corn porridge) and probably sugar water. Then the aunt’s husband’s committed suicide. She could not take care of the baby as she needed her family. So she brought him to HFU about 6 weeks ago. He was very malnourished. He could not walk, scoot or crawl. All eight of his front teeth are rotted. (but he looks like a little cute old man when he smiles.) The other teeth are in bad condition. HFU started feeding him and giving him a nutritional supplement. When we couldn’t find the baby sister, I thought that was the end of the possibility of a baby. But then something prompted me to ask, Who is baby Trevor? Allenni has named all her babies that name and she and Andrew keep talking about a Baby Trevor. Well, came the answer, Baby Trevor is a baby we just got about a month ago and then she told me his story that I just related to you. “Oh, would you consider taking him?” came the question. I didn’t immediately say yes as my urge was to because I didn’t want to replace a lost child with another if it was not God’s will for me to be that child’s parent. So I told her that I would pray and talk to Duane. Which I did. I prayed asking God for wisdom and called Duane. Duane immediately said, “ You did say yes didn’t you?” That was the confirmation I needed. I had asked God that if Mukisa was ours, let Duane say we needed to take him without me asking. Duane said that as I was telling him about Mukisa, he felt that this child was destined to do great things for God. And we were the ones to help bring that about. I called HFU back and said we wanted him too! They were really happy. I was excited. I told you earlier what happened and how I got to care for him so soon! Here again, his story reminds me of a story in Exodus. Moses’ story. I wonder what God has in store for my little man.

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