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Sight seeing around Kampala --Sat. cont.

Sightseeing around Kampala Sat. cont.

Sightseeing around Kampala
Saturday continued

When we left for Mr. Nyombi's we had expected to go back to the house but John, our ever efficient guide and personal assistant informed us that since it was Saturday and he did not have classes that we should see important sights in Kampala. We agreed as we really had no choice so it was first decided after an errand that we would eat first. John asked what we liked to eat and I said local food, Jana preferred western food and John wanted Pizza! So.... We ended up at a little place where there were several fast food places and we could order, hamburgers, chicken and fries or pizza!
When asked if this was ok? We said sure, but do you like this kind of food? John, Martin and Richard all very quickly assured us, Yes! We like it. John had the lady put together a table for us and we looked at the menu. As there were no prices, john asked, "How do we know how much this is?" The girl said, "I will tell you!"
So we all ended up getting 1 piece of chicken and fries with a coke. They totally enjoyed themselves. Jana and I have never laughed so much in our lives. These guys were funny and we had a blast over lunch. John, ever on a schedule, determined we needed to start on our tour. So off we go.
First stop is the drive through by the hospital where Jana got us into trouble! We drove through the very short pass by in front of this hospital and as we got to the exit, Jana had to get a picture of this little kid and told Richard to stop for a second. Well, that second of sitting there, caught a parking lot attendant's attention and he rushed over and said we had to pay 500 shillings for parking. John was not happy and for several minutes telling him it was not fair and it was unchristian. John lost the argument and we paid the .35 for the parking. The next stop or drive through was the University. Now Martin was a bout to graduate from here, so he was very excited to be on the campus. Almost every square inch of that campus was pointed out to us with much excitement. John finally put an end to Martin's tour because we were out of time for this excursion. What was great to see was Martin's joy and excitement as he told us about everything. He had accomplished much in his life by going here.
Our next stop was the Ugandan museum. This was very interesting as we learned much about Uganda, from the first missionary and Christian influence to tribal practices and daily life through the history of the country.
Finally, John looked at his watch and told the guide lady that we couldn't finish the tour that we had to go! So... on the way out, I realized that we didn't get to look at the traditional music instruments, so I got "permission" to go look at them quickly. Ha, Ha. He allowed me to and then he and Martin sat down at a very big Xylophone and started playing it. We then took turns playing some other instrument that I can't remember the name of. Of, course I really did awful but didn't feel bad since Martin couldn't either. But Martin got the name of the lady playing and decided he would take lessons!
Walking out, John cracked us up as he told them that he had a complaint. He had heard that there were supposed to be some very important people from Uganda's history embalmed there and he had wanted to see them! They were moved he was told.
Our last stop was the Tomb of the Kings which was a place where 4 tombs of Ugandan kings had been preserved. We got there and Robert and Martin did not want to go in as they had been there before and wanted to take a nap. We walked in to the ticket office and waited to talk to the guy to buy the tickets. When John asked him, "How much?", he replied,
10,000 shillings. John about had a cow. He pressed the man why it was so much and we were told that the prices had just changed. We decided that we would not do it as we saw miniature replicas at the museum and we were tight on cash even though the price was really about $6 to get in. We left and came out to find that Martin and Richard had climbed a tree to take a nap. We were pretty tired by then and headed back to the house to eat dinner. We turned the corner to head up the steepest part of the hill and Richard got a start and gunned it, only to make it up 3/4 of the way! We did this about 3 times not making it with Jana and I laughing the whole time, Martin was next to me, Screaming out, Lord Jesus of Nazareth, please help us! John, in the front was calm as a cucumber. Richard, the driver was disappointed and frustrated that he couldn't get up the hill. Martin suggested that we get out, walk up and park the van on a lower level, I suggested that the two white women get out and take out some of the weight and Richard got out and switched the van to 4 wheel drive. John, always in control said, "He has to learn to take the hill." John then instructed Richard to back the van BACK around the corner and come upon the turn expecting the hill! Mind you we were still on a cliff! Jana looked back out the window on her side and there was nothing but a drop off straight down on top of the church! She started praying out loud, Martin was screaming to Jesus to come help us and I was laughing my head off at both of them.
We took off, careened around the corner and only made it up part way again. Ok, one more time. We rolled backwards down the hill again and the commotion started all over again. This time, though, Richard had a very determined look on his face and so he gunned it and we shot off like a rocket and Jana's feet went up as she braced them on the back of Richard's seat. We all held on for dear life and bounced every where because of the deepness on the rain ruts in the road. We made it!!!!!! Richard was so proud of himself and we were all rejoicing! We climbed out quite relieved that we were at the top and not the bottom of the mountain. I know Richard was glad to be there!
Esther fed us and tired from all the sight seeing and climb up the mountain by van, we went to our house to retire for the evening.
In two days we will see the kids!

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