Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Return to the Attorney's Office

Return to the attorney's office

Return to the Attorney's office
Jan.25, 2008

We arrived at Mr. Nyombi's office and went in to see him. After a few minutes of chit chat, I proceeded to tell Mr. Nyombi that I had talked to my husband and that I did not have the money to pay the additional which he requested. I very gently told him that when we had agreed on a certain amount and I had sent it to him that that is what I had expected to pay and that I didn't carry that much cash with me in traveling. I told him that I knew He was an honorable man and would do things right. I also told him that as I grew up in Africa, my heart was here just like his and that I felt that God was blessing me by allowing me to raise African children. I then felt lead to ask if I could pray with him before I left his office and he agreed. He then said, I think we can make this work. I will try to get them to relent of the fees. I have never had a case failure. I have always been successful. We will succeed. I then asked him if I could pray for him and so I did. I don't remember exactly what I prayed but I felt really empowered by the Lord and words flowed that I had not planned. I do remember asking God to bless Mr. Nyombi, his family, business as he was being faithful to help these children who needed families. I remember quoting scripture in the prayer but can't remember where. I asked God blessings on the court hearings as well as other issues. God was truly speaking through me. John, who was sitting behind me was Amening and agreeing. When I looked up from the prayer, Mr. Nyombi was smiling and totally melted in his chair. I then presented him with a print of my painting called the "Orphan's Cry" and it is two hands reaching up with Africa in the center. He melted even more and thanked me and told me his wife would be very happy. What is interesting about the painting was at last minute, I stuck 3 paintings in my suitcase and then the morning of going to the attorneys, I felt like God wanted me to take that particular print to him as a gift. Mr. Nyombi then wished us well reminding us that we would be successful on Monday. John, Martin, Jana and I walked out of that office, sensing that God had been there and had moved on our attorney's heart. John was shaking his head. "God convicted him very badly. He knew he should not have charged you the extra money." We left that building feeling much relief and awe at our God who had promised provision for us.

A Little Insight

At this point, I have to go back and tell you some background here so you will understand what God did here in this situation.
Before coming on this trip, we had paid for the adoption part and plane tickets with money that God had blessed us with through a yearly bonus. But we had no money to travel on, no money for the expenses of living here for a month as well as no money for the fees that would be due for passports and visas. We prayed about how much to take and God directed us on the amount. We knew there would be unexpected expenses also along the way. We needed a substantial sum and only a few days before traveling, little by little, God supplied all but several hundred dollars. When questioning God for wisdom as what to do, he assured us the provision was there and we needed to step on that plane in Faith. We also felt like God said we were to tell no one about this until later. So, as nerve wracking as it was, we obeyed and stepped on that plane not having all the money we needed. So when Karla was telling me about all these expenses, I was not feeling so good. Though I had this sinking feeling in my gut knowing I did not have as much cash on hand as they said I needed, I determined that I would put my trust in God my Father and Jana and I decided to pray about it all. So, not having to pay Mr. Nyombi, was one victory.

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