Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sat. May 10,2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, Just a note to send an update to all of you.
First,We are doing well physically. Thanks for your prayers.
Yesterday, We picked Isaiah up after lunch and headed to town to get passport photos of him, Duane and I. Isaiah fell asleep on the way there and so when we had to wake him up he had that grumpy look and decided that the photographer was not going to get a good photo of him!
Duane's comment on my photo was, "Well, you look you have been here in Uganda awhile." My hair was everywhere and I was really sweaty. Definite mug shot. While waiting for the the photos to be processed, we went to the grocery downstairs for a few items. We definitely got looks and comments by passerbys. Let's see two Muzungu's, one black baby, -how's that? Adoption is not a common thought here.
After that, we headed back to the village and picked up Allenni and Andrew and went to dinner at Brenda and Scott's house for homemade pizza.
Allenni and Andrew spent the night and surprisingly went to bed withoput any fuss! We were thanking Jesus!
Duane and I stayed up pretty late talking as HE was wide awake.
We didn't hear from the attorney last night but this morning, I called him and he did have the meeting with the Commissioner of Passports. He was told that they would issue the passports immediately as soon as they had a document from the Prime Minister's office. Charles said he would try and get the document on Monday. This was a document that supposedly they were supposed to get while I was in the States but evedently they didn't work on it much.
It looks like with Isaiah's guardianship we will have to extend our stay one week.
Monday we are supposed to meet with the social worker and get our international criminal check done and by Thursday or Friday, hope to have a court date set up for Isaiah.
We could use your prayers. We don't mind being here but just would like to get home and get the whole family united and in one place and enjoy each other!
For some reason, For me it is harder being here this time. I do miss home.
Below are some specific prayer request.
1. That we would get the document needed from the Prime Minister, swiftly.
2. That things would go well with the social worker visit on Monday
3. That the Commissioner of Passports will offer swift assistance in issuing passports.
4. That we would have a court date set up by Friday.
5. For Allenni's health. That her congestion would not turn to Pneumonia again.
6. For direction in our lives after we return home
We are to pick Isaiah up later today and have all the kids with us again.
He took to Duane pretty well but cried a few times if I left the room. He cut off the tears as soon as I picked him up!
He is so cute and laughed a lot last night. He can walk around a table holding on.
Well, we will let you know if there is more news later.

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