Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mother's Day, May 11

Allenni and Isaiah
Allenni and Andrew Blowing Bubbles

Email sent out- Mother's Day May 11

Email sent out mother’s day may 11. Hello from Uganda, Well, Friday came and went with no call from the attorney about the kids passports. So on Saturday morning I called him. He said he did have his meeting with the Commissioner of Passports but he said he would issue the passports immediately when he had a document from the Prime Minister's office. Which Charles hopes to attain tomorrow, Monday. This is the same document that they were supposed to be working on while I was in the States but had not been pursuing it wholeheartedly. So... we need that document. I also found out that the 5 children who were "similar" cases as our, in fact were not. I happened to know one of the moms adopting and she sent me an email. But while here I have learned that they will tell you something so as not to hurt your feelings and give you hope, if there is a problem. We went yesterday to Entebbe, to Lake Victoria. I think it is the largest Fresh Water lake in the world. We went to a hotel there called the Imperial Botanical Garden Hotel and they had a "beach", playground and large indoor pool and nice garden area. Beach area and Garden area was teeming with Spider monkeys and tropical birds. We got some interesting photos. At one point I was taking a photo of one monkey and this other one just keeps coming toward us so I didn't move, and he just walked past like I was not even there. The kids sort of got excited too. We had all three kids with us. Isaiah is getting used to us and has become a mama boy. He is darling and laughs a lot. He seems to like Duane. All the kids here like Duane's hairy arms. He is quiet popular in the village. Allenni and Andrew have taken to him as well. The kids enjoyed the playground there at the hotel and we had our afternoon "tea" drinking sodas and nan bread. Duane goes stir crazy more than I do and so we had to get out somewhere. I hadn't been able to go to Lake Victoria while here last time so I am glad we went. The kids could not understand why they couldn't get in the pool and we kept trying to tell them, that we had to sleep there to use the pool and it cost money. so, they said, "ok, we sleep here." Supposedly , Monday we are to meet with the Social worker and get our social report done. After all the papers are gathered and reviewed, they will be submitted to the court for a hearing. It looks like we may have to extend our stay a week. One of the worst things here is hurrying up to do a flurry of paperwork and then WAITING<> We had hoped to go on Safari here but are not sure we are going to get to. A mission team here from Florida just returned and they said it was awesome. Well, I am going to list prayer specifics. thanks for your emails and prayers. It really encourages us to hear from you. sorry if I don't respond individually. The internet is slow and sometimes I only have a certain time to let the emails download and read them later. We have to go to the guest house to have internet and YOU KNOW I HATE THOSE STAIRS! (I do have a correction to make. They are only 12 " high instead of 18". But there are a lot of them!) PRAYER LIST 1. Pray for the Prime Minister's document to be issued before Tuesday, so we can get passports by the end of the week 2. Pray for Duane's health. He has been having high fever and bad chills on and off for two days, no other symptoms. (I am doing good, thanks for your prayers) 3. That Isaiah's papers would be gathered very quickly and submitted sooner than planned and we would get a quick hearing date. 4. That we can get all the details worked out on both sides of the ocean if we have to extend our trip one week. 5. For continued guidance on some decisions we have to make upon our return to the US. 6. For Joy, Hope and Peace in our lives through this process. Honestly, though it is nice to be back, I really want to come home. I want ALL of my family in one place and rest with them and enjoy them all. It has really been harder this time being back. God is faithful even when times are hard. 7. For our children back home. Thanks to those of you taking care of them. Blessings to you all and thanks again so much for your prayers!

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