Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Big Apology!

A Big Apology!

Ok, I am embarrassed here and must explain!
Duane and I both were journaling today and he had just put up his computer and forgot to write down something. So he told me to put it in mine. I told him I would forget and send it but HE FORCED ME TO WRITE it in the middle of my journal! You all know what sentences I am talking about!
Of course, I did forget, so here is my explanation.
I put Duane on the pathway to the church in the village today and well, he didn't quite make it to the church. A teen and 11 year old, named Emmanuel and Eric offered him a tour of the village and their homes. So he went on an adventure. He was popular of course as some of these kids hadn't seen a Muzugu up close and most of them checked out ALL of his jeans pockets looking for sweeties(candy). So he came home and I swear that is the note he made me write to help him remember what happened!
So now you know, we are normal.
Sorry if I offended anyone. I apologize. Melissa

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