Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Went To Heaven --March 1, 2008

One Went to Heaven

Yesterday, Rozenna one of the missionaries here told me that Judah had died.

Three days ago a little baby was born in Masaka to a 15 year old girl. He was 32weeks old. The hospital called UCOM (Uganda Christian Outreach Ministries) to take the baby. He weighed 1.2 kilos(2.25 lbs). The mother had tried self induced abortion by eating as little food possible. She mad the statement she wanted to kill the baby. After the baby was born, she tried to smother it but the nurses caught her and she then abandoned the baby. Rozenna then had one of the girls in Masaka get warm blankets and a hot water bottle to keep the baby warm. Hannah's home was going to take the baby in after it got out of the hospital. Yesterday, he was supposed to go home to his Foster mama. Yesterday, He was supposed to be cuddled and loved. But word came that Judah never got to feel the loving arms of an earthly mother. My heart cries and mourns for this little one who never got to experience this life, but then rejoices that he is alive and healthy in the arms of Jesus. His name is Judah and as scripture tells us, we will be known in heaven as we are on earth. Judah -- "Praise to the Lord." He is now singing praise to the Father and feeling theloving arms of his Creator. We don't understand why he came into this world for 3 days but then again, it is not our business to understand God. He has his own plans and purposes. Satan tries to tharwt those but God is the victor. Always. So Judah, enjoy Jesus. Soak up His love for you. Sing His praises and dance in His arms as he kisses you on your face.

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