Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jinja - part 2

Jijna part 2

Jinja Part 2 As I said before, we were leaving the Falls and as we started back to Kampala which was a 1.5 hr. trip. Our van then strated to really act up would not change gears. We finally made it to a garage for them to look at the car and once again , we had kids and adults gather around. It was quite hard to miss the van that asked if you were born again? And Jesus loves you. With two white women in it! One man who appeared drunk came by and called us big mamas. That wasn’t the first time we had been called that. They couldn’t fix the van so we started on again and we had hoped we could go driving 15 miles an hour! But we got to the Forest and the van gave it up. It would not go up any hills and the gears would not move. We moved up very slowly but coasted down hills pretty well. Finally we had to pull over. John tried to wave down the Taxi van’s but most of them were full. Finally he made the decision to get a taxi to the next town himself and leave us with Richard and then bring back a “breakdown” (a tow truck) he was nervous about leaving us in the Forest because it wasn’t safe and it was nearing dark. But he left in hopes that he could get back before dark. Richard was determined to not let us stay in the Forest so he would start the car and we would go 2-3 feet at a time. We literally prayed our way up the hills. Only god could’ve pushed us! Finally we got to a village and Richard parked us there to wait for the tow truck. A little after dark, here comes john perched up on the back of this tow truck that is blue but resembles “Mater” in Cars. While we are still in the van, They attach us and we head out for Kampala! With diesel fumes just pouring out the back of the truck, we “enjoy” a little tow. We are told that Kaboogoo is on his way with another van to meet us on the road and to look for him! Now let’s see, It is pitch dark, the only thing you can see are headlights not on their right side of the road half the time and black fumes coming from the tow truck. We are traveling at the most 25 miles an hour. But then some how, some where we pull off to the side of the road in a town and there sits Kaboogoo. We transfer to his working van and Poor Richard is told to stay with the broken van til it gets to the shop. Now Richard is a new driver with the mission and has never had to do anything like this before. He looks at us with fear in his eyes and said, “Mam and jaja, I am so scared.” We hugged him and told him, we would pray for him and it wouls be ok. I’d be scared too in the pitch black and had no idea where I was going and his other fear was that he had broken the van and would lose his job. So, on our way home in Kaboogoo’s van, Allenni has to “Sous Sous.” Well there, is no toilet out there in the darkenss of Africa and so Kaboogoo pulls off and we do a side stop. We hop back in and continue on our way. Finally after about 6 hours we arrived back at home. We were starving as we gave all our snack food to the village kids and Esther had saved us some food. Tired and worn out, We went to bed very late. You will be glad to know that Richard still has his job and is our favorite driver. P. S. At one point we did have a bit of excitement! A baboon/ monkey came running out the forest and crossed the road. Allenni who is very loud, screams MONKEY!!!!!!!! and scared the snot out of us . He was too fast for our cameras. We thought that maybe where there was one there would be many but none appeared!

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