Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Makes 3!!!! .... uh, 11 -- Feb.28

Baby Makes 3!!!! ... uh, 11

Baby makes 3 !!!….. uh, 11!!! Feb. 28 I have to interrupt this story about Jinja here and tell you about my baby! Today is Feb.28 and I am a mommy AGAIN! Yes, God has blessed me with a baby named Mukisa Trevor! He is 20 months old but is the size of a 6 month old! He is so beautiful and I am in love! The day before yesterday, I was notified that Mukisa needed to come to Kampala for a physical. Due to some circumstances HFU will no longer be doing guardianships/adoptions. So God had laid it on my heart to possibly have him transferred to a baby house here in Kampala where I could be near him and get medical help if he needed it. I did not know how or if I should bring it up to the missionaries here. Then the next morning on the 25th, Brenda, the missionary brought it up to me. I started crying because of the goodness of God. I texted HFU and asked them if they would think that the aunty would consider moving Mukisa to Kampala to UCOM to their baby house? They wrote back that yes, she agreed and would be there the next morning. Could I pick her up at the bus stop? This was a “SUDDENLY” gift from God. I did not even expect to see Mukisa until I came back to get him in a few months! Now I have him in my arms. God does what we never expect and gives us surprises! I am in awe at His love and goodness to me. So, the next morning Richard and I head out with the kids and go to a store to find some milk, porridge, baby clothes and diapers and bottles. I bought the only 2 outfits they had. We then headed to the bus stop and picked them up! Once again, That feeling of butterflies filled my stomach and I felt like I was in labor. Nervousness and anxiousness all mixed with excitement! Then Richard shouts, Here comes the baby! Well, amongst the thrones of people, I do not see him. But then I spot a beautiful young woman carrying a baby and I recognize Mukisa Trevor. He grabs my heart! He is so beautiful. They climbed in the van and we headed back to the guest house. He was so cute! The aunty did not speak English so we mostly smiled at each other. You could tell she was nervous and sad. We arrived at the guest house and went in and John arrived to handle all the paperwork. After talking sometime and getting all the correct info, Mama Beatrice who will be the foster mom for Mukisa came in and met her. We took lots of photographs and then it was time to say goodbye. This was very hard. My heart ached for the aunt because she loved the baby very much. But there was nopossible way she could keep him. A widow herself and young she had no means. Even her family had disowned her for taking care of Mukisa and for not killing him. As she drove away, I could tell she was fighting back the tears and my heart broke for her as tears streamed down my cheeks. As the van pulled away, we turned to go into the house. I know this baby is meant for great things, I am honored God put him into my arms to raise. Oh, May I be a godly mother to him! Photos at

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