Wednesday, July 9, 2008

monday cont. - Feb.4

Monday continued....

MONDAY cont. We went to Mr. Nyombi’s office today to talk to him about the process of getting Agnes and Karneasa home if we found her. Our court decree is supposed to be issued tomorrow. We have not heard anything about passports at this point. Tuesday, Feb. 5 Well, we did not hear anything about Karneasa yesterday. They tried to look for her today and by this afternoon we got the word that she was not to be found and the grandfather said he was done with the children and would not help. He didn’t want to see anyone again. All roads came to a dead end. Our hearts were broken. I pray that she is in a family who is taking care of her. We told the kids and they said they understood but you could tell they were sad. We also had some paperwork problems with escorting Agnes home so we will not be able to bring her home. We also did not hear anything about the court decree. I have not been able to get in touch with Mr. Nyombi today at all. So today has been an off day for us, but God is faithful no matter what happens and He has reminded us that His plans are not ours. Wednesday Feb. 6 Nothing much happened today, we sort of hung around the house. The honeymoon period is starting to be over and the kids especially Allen is testing us. Andrew is real quite but loves to tease Allen and get her going. She can sound like you are killing her just by giving her the “Better not do that look” . She can have some pretty good tantrums! Andrew can be stubborn too but at least he is more quite! After talking to HFU, they asked if we would be interested in a little baby whose health is not well. He is 20 months old but the size of 9 months. His mother died at his birth. I won’t go into his story right now but it was not good. Of course, my heart wanted to just take him but I told them that I would want to pray to make sure that it was God that wanted me to take him, not a whim of mine and I needed to talk with Duane. When I was able to talk to Duane , he couldn’t believe that I didn’t say yes, right away. As I was talking to him, he told me that he knew this child was ours and God has something great planned for his life. It was our responsibility to help him realize his purpose as his parents. That was the same thing I was feeling as I had prayed all day about the decision to take him. So….. We are getting a baby boy as well!!!!! His name is Moukisa Trevor. His birthday is May 17, 2006. We quickly started making calls to HFU to get info needed to file the applications. As well as phone calls to the States to have our home study amended to include more children. We are not sure if we can accomplish a court date before we leave but we would like to try to bring him home on the plane with us. We will see.

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