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Catchup- Feb.7,8, -- Allenni in Hospital

Feb.7,8th Alleni in Hospital

Thursday, Friday the 7th, 8th Allen has been congested since we have had her so we have been giving her meds I brought with me because we had heard she had had a chest infection in early Jan. This has seemed to help her considerably. The smog is very bad here along with the humis weather as well as the smoke from all the garbage that is burned. We ran out of the meds except for the inhaler and some decongestant. By evening, her health had dropped considerably and Jana and I took turns sitting with her as her breathing was very labored. We prayed over her and made steam tents all night to try to help her breath. I also called Duane to see if there was anything else we could do. He told me how to give her the inhaler so she would get all the medicine in her chest. Finally, by 6 am we both were exhausted and Allen was laboring even more, so we called the missionary, Scott. He arranged a ride and a little later, I was on my way to the International Hospital with Richard. I was doing my best to stay strong but was getting more and more nervous as Allen was struggling more and more to breath and I had no idea what kind of hospital we were going to find or how much it was going to cost. I prayed for strength and composure and help. Even though we are staying only 7 miles outside of Kampala, it took us about 40 minutes to get there. Richard carried her in for me and they immediately took her back to the emergency room, while I filled out some paperwork. As soon as I finished, I went back to where they had taken Allen and she was so deficient of oxygen that she couldn’t stay awake. They put oxygen on her and put an IV (Everything was in sterilized packages) in gave her a steroid. They then gave her a breathing treatment. I must say that the entire staff, nurses and doctors were very nice and competent. Thank God we were near somewhere with good medical care. As she was laying there, I felt scared as did Richard by the look on his face and all we could do was pray. He put his hands on her feet and I held her hand and together we prayed for her. After the second breathing treatment her oxygen level started to stablize but not where we wanted it to. So the doctors wanted to admit her. At that point, I cried. Richard, reached over and grabbed my arm and said, it will be ok, Mama. God is good and will take care of her. (In my mind and heart I knew this, but I was still scared and also wondering how I was going to pay for it.) I called the missionary Scott and asked for some advice as they wanted me to choose between a private room or ward. Scott told me it was best to go with the private room as it probably included everything, such as bed, food and linens and care. It was also double the price. I prayed for provision and chose the room. They then asked for money. I only had a $100 bill and 150,000 shillingsUganda($80) and asked if they would take that as a deposit and I would get the rest that afternoon. They agreed and then took us up to the room and to my surprise there was a hospital bed for Allani and a regular bed for me. There was a couch, TV, balcony and bathroom. Though it was not American standards, it was beautiful to me. They got her hooked up to this HUGE oxygen tank on a dolly and got her started on numerous medications and within a few hours she was doing incredibly better. Richard then went and got airtime for my phone and switched phones with me as mine was almost dead. He did not want to leave me stranded with out communication. I then gave him a list of things to take back to Jana to send back to me. He left and I sat with her and prayed. Never had I expected this. I wondered why? . Why would God allow this when I was already strapped for money? I didn’t understand but I knew I had to trust Him. That is what He asked of me, to keep my eyes on Him instead of the circumstances. In those moments, He became my comfortor and strength. His peace surrounded me and I knew He was present. I still wondered how I was going to pay for all of this but I put that in His hands too as He had told me before this trip, He was paying for it. Daddies don’t take their daughters on trips and not pay for it. Richard left and Jana said when he got to her, he broke down and cried and then they prayed together. He was so concerned about Alleni. He returned after some time with my things and asked permission to stay and sit with me. He told me to take a nap and he would watch Alleni so I got about a 30 minute nap. Richard was welcomed company and I learned how he came to know the Lord as well as how his mother and other family members became Christians also. His face glowed when he talked about what Jesus had done in his life. I told him about my family and for hours we talked and he encouraged me tremendously. Finally, he left me and I was there alone with Alleni. She was greatly improving by this time and was ready when they brought dinner. Thanks to Jesus, they brought quite a bit of food (It was a lot of food, because if you have seen Alleni eat, she eats for 3 sick or not!) God met a need I hadn’t had time to think about. Alleni was very careful to make sure that I got enough food and both of us were satisfied. That afternoon they had brought hot tea and in the evening they brought us hot milk. The food was Ugandan and was very steaming hot and delicious. That night when Alleni ran out of oxygen, I had to go to the nurse’s station and it was then that I noticed the ward. It was a curtain drawn and bring your own mat, sleep in the floor. I thanked God I had made the right choice to get a private room. As bad as she was, she would not have improved in those conditions. She had a pretty good night, I slept some but mostly listened to her breath and prayed and listened to my worship music on my mp3 that Jana sent. God sent me to psalm 23 and I read it with new understanding. My God will take care of me. Alleni had a mosquito net on her bed but I did not and so the mosquitoes chewed on me all night! By morning she was so much improved that it was hard to keep her in the bed. She wanted to go home! The doctor came in and told me that she had a little bit of rattling left and he just wanted to be safe and wanted to keep her another night. I panicked! We both were about to go stir crazy! So I told him, I was a Pediatrician’s wife and could just give her her meds and that I did not have enough money to stay another night. He agreed to let us go after she received 2 breathing treatments that had to be spaced apart. Richard returned later that morning and again he was a great companion to talk to and help with Alleni. Richard again encouraged me through scripture and and we had wonderful conversation. His spiritual insight is very mature for such a young Christian. Richard had many questions about what the internet , websites and email was. I taught him about American life and various other things. He asked questions and I answered. Finally, close to 5pm we were allowed to leave. They brought the bill and I about dropped my teeth! It included the emergency room, the night’s stay, the food, all the meds and breathing treatments and meds to take home was only 360,000 shillings Uganda! I only owed about 90,000 Shillings! Richard and I just stopped and prayed and thanked God for his provision. My total bill was about $240!!!!! We also gave each other high 5’s. God is good. We went home that afternoon and Alleni had a good night. Thanks be to my Lord who takes care of us. I didn't have a camera while all this took place. Our hospital room had an awesome view.

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