Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NOT HOME YET- Feb.18,2008


We have internet! I have lots to blog but wanted to send an update about what is happening.

We were supposed to leave last night but without passports for the children that did not happen and so here we are waiting. Jana went ahead and flew out last night and I was sad to see her go but she needed to be home. Please pray that we will have passports for the kids this week. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength for me. I am terribly homesick! If the rest of my kids and husband were here it would be better! This is a beautiful place and the people are awesome. Also pray for Duane and the kids, they are feeling the effects of me being gone so long.

Allani and Andrew are doing much better. Their behavior has been as expected. The honeymoon period ran short and the testing began. Let's just say it is like training wild mustangs! There has been much prayer on my part along with the help of a Matoke stick. Ha! Their behavior is doing much better these last few days! I'll blog about Saturday another time! It was wild!

So specific prayer request are:

1. Passports would arrive early this week so we can schedule immigration visa at US Embassy and possible leave Friday instead of next Tuesday.

2. For strength physically and spiritually to hold on these last days, we are all disapointed we are not arriving home in Alabama tonight!

3. For my family in the states, who I am missiing terribly.

4. for my dad's health who had to be admitted to hospital the other day with a heart problem. (He is home now)

5. For Continued provision-- With unexpected cost on this trip, hospital bills for Allani (I'll blog later) and delayed coming home (God has been good to take care of us.)

Blessings and love, Melissa

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