Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Miracle Week-- Meet Mukisa Isaiah

A Miracle Week- Meet Mukisa Isaiah

Today I have had Mukisa for a week! What a difference a week makes! This child came to me malnourished, a sad look in his eyes, reddish hair, very little muscle tone in his legs and arms and could not stand or put any weight on his legs at all. He was sick with an infection, skin color was dull and had bad teeth. You put him in one place and he did not move. He did not smile much or interact much with anyone. Now, a week later, this child is happy, his eyes shine, his hair has turned black, his arms are stronger. He is getting muscle tone in both his arms and legs and his skin has even darkened and looks beautiful! He can stand on his legs holding on to me and he is trying to crawl and rolls over now. He gets so excited when he sees food! He loves to eat! As he has most of his teeth he can eat solid food. We got him started on antibiotics and liquid vitamins and milk. He is copying things I am teaching him such as Peek a Boo and where is your nose? He laughs a lot now and does not like it when I walk away. I have been kissing him and today I said give Mommy a kiss. and he leaned his head forward and put his mouth on my face!!!!! After playing that for a few minutes, he puckered up his lips! His infection is cleared up and his teeth , well, he will need to see a dentist! But this child has just amazed me! he and i connected so well, I just can't describe it. Even the Ugandans are telling me, he is your child, he knows you. Mukisa means blessing and we are dropping Trevor and replacing it with Isaiah. So his name will mean" Blessing and Salvation are from God." How true his name speaks of him. God has given us a blessing and given him salvation. See pics on the iweb page!!

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