Sunday, July 13, 2008

May 2, Headed back to Africa

We are headed back- email sent out MAY 2

Hello there!
Duane and I leave for Africa early tomorrow morning. Life has been a whirlwind since I have been back home. After getting over my stomach sickness, I came down with this horrible congestion and cough and am just now feeling better from that. On top of that, I got a UTI !
My immune system just won't get back on its feet! today, I am feeling better and Got accomplished what I needed to with the help of the kids and Duane.
God has been faithful, enabling me to get done what I needed to.
As we leave tomorrow i would like to ask you to pray for our trip.
1. Our health - We need strength and energy to accomplish a lot while we are there
2. We were notified yesterday that the Ugandan high court has temporarily suspended granting guardianships to Americans until some visa issues with the us embassy are resolved. One of our purposes of going now was to obtain the guardianship of Isaiah.
After praying all day yesterday asking God if we should go or not, we felt he said go. While all circumstances point to an impossibility that we get the guardianship right now, our God can move mountains for us.
3. As we know of there has not been any significant progress on getting Allenni and andrew a passport or travel document. From this side of the world, our senator has been working with the state dept. to try to help us. The conclusion that we have reached is that we have been advised by the state Dept. not to pursue Rwandan passports because it could jepoadrize our guardianship and there is no physical proof that the kids are Rwandan. the Rwandan embassy in Washington agrees with this.
So, they did tell us that we needed to go to UNCHR in uganda to try to obtain a travel document. i haven't been able to get that office to respond to me here so in person i will go.
Pray again that God will move govt. officials hearts.
4. Pray for my kids left here. For their safety and health. i am real proud of them all. Though i had to incorporate some structure back into their daily lives, they did pretty well. Eli got pretty bossy but i sort of nipped that in the bud right quick! Please remember him as it is the hardest on him and Graham.

Thanks again for all your prayer support. We feel it and thank God for you.
Blessings and Love,

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