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WE are Here! Email- May 6

We are here - email sent May 6

Email sent May 6 - We are here

We are here and arrived safely!
it was a long trip but pretty good. Part of our flight was sitting in the bulkhead so that helped as we had room to stretch out our legs.
We have been sleeping a lot since coming but our bodies are finally starting to regulate.
I have slept all night and some in the day here but Duane has been popping up early in the mornings, say 3:30am! So pray for rest for him.
We saw Allenni and Andrew today and spent several hours with them and they are good and were excited to see us. They latched right on with Duane.
they are staying at a house down the hill where they will probably remain til it gets close to leave. Where we are staying is not much room.
We will see isaiah tomorrow. We are trying to keep them in their routine until we are certain we have clearance for them to travel.

We have praises to express!
Monday we went to see the lawyer about isaiah's guardianship and Were told that the cost just quadrupled! Not funny! duane gulped and I knew we couldn't do that. of course the issue of the high court not granting guardianships was on our minds too but we went ahead and started the process. the high court is waiting to see what the US embassy did with the visa's of other kids being adopted and we were told some meeting was to take place but no one knew when that would happen. Also we were told we needed a certain document from our U.s. attorney for the file.

We prayed last night about all this and that God would move mountains for us and these kids.
1. We got news today that the lawyer is backing down on the high price and we named what we could take and he is meeting with Scott tomorrow to negotiate.
2. Also, The meeting that was to take place with the high court and the uS Embassy Happened!
3.Then the child who the high court was waiting on to get the Visa from the US embassy was granted a visa today!!1
This means we can move ahead with the guardian ship of Isaiah.
4. our uS attorney got our email about the letter and sent it to us already!
So we praise God for his enduring love and great faithfulness!

So.... as confusing as all this sounds we are hopeful to get the guardianship completed while here.

Now for more prayer request.
1. allenni is sick again with congestion but is doing better. We had to put her back on predinsone.
2. We go to our attorney for A&A. tomorrow. pray for that. I am going to try to see what he has accomplished on our behalf for travel documents.
3. We will go to the UNCHR office tomorrow to try to obtain a travel document for the kids on our own without our attorney.
4. We were told that the least amount of time that isaiah's adoption would take is 3 weeks! We are praying less.
5. Pray for health. Melissa's stomach is gone bad again! and Duane is really tired and experiencing a little culture shock.
6. I can't go into detail now but please pray that God would give us direction in our lives. We have some important decisions to make before we return home.
Thanks to all of you who have sent emails encouraging us. we really do appreciate it and we are thankful for your prayers too.
Blessings, and Love, Melissa

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