Sunday, July 13, 2008

April 19- Email sent

The Story continues- email april 19

Email sent april 19

Well, the story continues.
I have a praise! You know Wednesday, My results from tests were negative- nothing wrong with me. But i was still having lots of pain and nausea and not able to eat much. I was still very tired and not much energy. Though the pain was not as bad. it was there. I decided Wednesday, i would not stay in bed, I had lots of things to do!
Wednesday night at church, some friends and Duane prayed over me and I began to feel better. A lot better! Then since Thursday, I have not had any pain, or nausea and have eaten very well and have energy! Thank you Jesus, our Healer. I want to thank all of you for your prayers for me.

Jana came over on Thursday and we got the room cleaned out where Allenni and Isaiah are going to be and got Eli moved from there into Graham's room. Now Graham's room looks like the junk man dumped everything and ran!
Graham will be moved downstairs and Eli and Andrew will room together. Lots to do.

I was overwhelmed at Allenni's closet! People have brought dresses and clothes that are beautiful!!!!! She is going to think she went to heaven! My sisterinlaw is here for the weekend with my nephew who is 5 months old and he is heavier and bigger than Isaiah! She has all kind of paraphainalia for babies that i haven't even thought of. i have to go shopping!

I contacted several groups that deal with travel papers for people who can't obtain a passport with no one contacting me back yet and finally decided to contact Homeland Security at the USCIS contact handling our immigration approval. She wrote me back almost immediately and told me that it shouldn't be a hard process that the embassy in the country could issue those papers with no problem and talk to them.
That would be Mr. Flook. the consulate, who I have talked with many times. So, as he is terrible at never responding to emails, i am having Scott the missonary explain the situation and see what his answer is. So hopefully we will hear about that next week.
Still haven't heard from my attorney on his part of all this, he is still pursueing the passports.
Please continue to pray for us. I really appreciate them all.
Blessings, thanks and Love,
Melissa Carter

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