Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Court date for Isaiah-- email sent may 25

Court Date for Isaiah - email sent May 25

Hello from uganda
A lot of adventure has happened since Friday but I will fill in all the details later as I am totally exhausted!
We finally got a court date for Isaiah!!!!!
It is Monday morning at 9am(Ugandan time which means probably 11 or 12)
As we are suppossed to fly out on Tuesday, We have the decision to make of whether I will stay longer to get his passport or fly home and come back when the passport is complete.
IF the attorney tells me, that I can have his passport in a week, I might stay.

Allenni and Andrew's attroney is telling me he might get the passports on Monday for them. If that happens, then I will stay. 2 days is what is needed to get the US visas.

So remember us in prayer before you go to bed tonight. 9am our time is 1 or 2 am your time, depending on where you live.
Isaiah, Me, Allenni and Andrew still all have the crud congestion and coughing. you wouldn't believe the diseal fumes we have breathed in today. But...... that is another story!
Gotta go to bed, we have to be up by 5:30 to be in court at 9am to wait until 11am when we finally go!!!!!
Here the motto is hurry up and wait!
That is the way it goes here!
Blessings, Melissa

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