Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dedication , part 2

Pastor Ron, Andrew and David talking to us
This Child is the Lord's
Prayer- Giving him to God

Dedication cont. Part 2

Wednesday. continued
Duane and I were talking about this tonight. The labor pains when giving birth are hard and hurt and sometimes you cry and scream but you have to hang in there and BREATH!!!!! DEEP BREATHS!!!! because you know there is something wonderful happening. Your emotions go up and down between joy and pain. Between elation and giving up. It is all natural to do this. You push and push and finally a new one is welcomed into the world. And extreme joy fills your soul because you know this child is yours and the fruit of your labor. The same is with the struggles of adoption. It is not easy. The labor pains are not exactly physical but the emotions are very real and pretty much the same but over a longer time period!
But I know that in the end, I am going to have children who are going to be welcomed into our family. The fruits of my labor will appear. So, I will not give up. But I might cry and ask why is it taking so long???? In the process. I know my God has promised me that He will prevail for the justice of these children and therefore I will trust His Word.
When I am weak, He is strong.

Today, Wednesday, while we were sitting around waiting for the attorney to call, Darlene came down and asked us if we wanted to go into town with them and then get some lunch.
We quickly said, Shoot yeah! And within minutes, we were on our way. We ran errands with them and shopped for souvenirs a little ourselves. (And if Duane Carter wants to shop, he is REALLY bored) We then went to this really great Italian place and first Dennis tried to order pepperoni pizza but they didn’t put pepperoni on the pizza just red peppers. The waiter showed us a picture of peppers on the placemat on our table so we would understand. I then ordered my artichoke pizza but they didn’t have artichokes so I ordered a pineapple, ham pizza and Dennis ordered a cheese pizza and they were VERY good. Darlene and Duane ordered these pork skewers that were delicious.
Anyway, sorry about all the details, Every little outing is exciting here!
We came back home and I had begun to feel pretty bad with aching all over and sore throat and coughing, so I went to lay down. By supper, I told duane that there was no way, I could even walk up to supper and I just wanted to lay down. After a while, I started to feel better and went in the living room to the couch. Duane had this same stuff a few days ago. That is one thing I don’t like here. I can’t seem to shake sickness. I get over one thing and get another. God is faithful and keeps us going. Much prayer would be appreciated for our health.
While Duane was gone to dinner, I called Charles our attorney and he said he got the person to sign the document needed for the passports but they wanted to talk to immigration about something. But he would try his best to get the passports printed tomorrow. PLEASE PRAY!!!!
That is about it for today folks.
Thanks for your prayers and awesome support and encouragement. We are trusting God for miracles.
(ok, it is after midnight here and the whole village of Seguku is going wild now for the last 20 minutes. They have been watching a soccer game for a few hours now and evidently Uganda won.) I sure do wish I had them 10 pairs of earplugs sitting in bathroom in the USA right now)

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