Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming Home--- Email May 26

Coming home email May 26

Well, We had our court hearing today for Isaiah and all went well!
This is a great praise because the day before we left, we were told that guardianships were not being issued by the high court until some issues were resolved.
But God told us to come anyway. So we did.
The ruling will be issued on June 2. Then it will take about 2 weeks to get his passport.
Allenni and Andrew's passports were not issued today.
So.... In the best interest of my children back home and for a rest myself, I am coming home with Duane.
I will return in 3 weeks or when they tell me that my passports are ready.
We so much appreciate your support and prayers.
Allenni and Andrew will be going back to school here in the village under the care of the mission here and Isaiah will return to his foster mom.
We are feeling some better and look forward to seeing and spending some fun time with the kids back home.
Though we don't understand God's thought plan through all this, We know He is in charge and we trust him.
This week, Isaiah crawled and said mama and learned to wave goodbye!
Blessings, Melissa
p.S. I added these pictures.The way we were at the court house did not even allow for one picture there, so these pics were taken the day before Isaiah's court date.
Isaiah"s Aunt Betty with him
Isaiah's Aunt Betty with him

 Cutie pie
Cutie pie

Isaiah and his new parents in jinja
Isaiah and his new parents in jinja

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