Thursday, July 10, 2008

Continuation of Lessons learned

Continuation of lessons learned

Continuation of lessons learned March 24, 2008 Yesterday marked the 2 month mark of me being here and the 64th day! God is faithful and since I wrote the above several days ago, He has carried me and given me strength and joy. I can feel the end of this journey nearing. I watched the sunrise (thanks to Mukisa Isaiah) this post Easter morning above the mountain and the clouds were a beautiful pink color that my camera couldn’t even capture. I felt hopeful that this week would bring good news. Another thing that I have learned is to have Faith. As it says in Hebrews 11, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seenFor by it men of old gained approval.” .”( I am hoping for passports not yet seen!) It then goes on to list people who did things they thought they never could but did it because that was their call from God. They put their faith in God and he grew it. It was like they planted a seed of Faith in God and He watered it and it grew tremendously. In the end there was a tree of Faith instead of a seed and God was glorified. They were like trees planted by still waters. TheirRoots ran deep And though vs. 39 says, “And All these having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised.” It is stated that God gave them something better. As my pastor has said, “What God gives you or promises you does not always look like what you think it will. Keep the eyes of your heart on Him.” I never expected things to turn out this way but God gave me a baby because of it all. He knew a baby needed me as his mother. He knew that I had hoped in my heart for a baby one day. So through all of this, I thank my God that He has grown my Faith. To tie in with all of this, I have learned that God is FAITHFUL. He has reminded me over and over of that through Scripture and praise music that I brought with me. He has reminded me through emails from some of you. He has reminded me through Ugandans here. It really puts me in awe that My God who created the universe, cares about my day and what I am going through. There are other lessons too but I have to think how to word them so will get to that later.

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