Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Good Friday march 21

Good Friday, March 21 Good Friday was good. In the morning, Brenda and Darlene (missionaries here) took Anya and I to a very nice place overlooking Lake Victoria for morning tea. The place and view were absolutely gorgeous! Ther was lush greenery, colorful birds and a cool breeze. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera. We sat out under an umbrella tree and had tea and church! We talked and prayed for each other and encouraged one another. It was one of the sweetest times of being here. God met us under that umbrella tree. After that we went to a new shopping center that had opened up the day before. It was like an African Walmart with most things imported from South Africa. I bought Allenni and Andrew some water guns for Easter and Isaiah some rattles. That afternoon, we went to Scott and Brenda’s for a BBQ. Chicken that is. It was fun and relaxing. The kids played in a wading pool and had a blast. I enjoyed the adult company and internet though it wasn’t a good day for a connection. Allenni and Andrew enjoy going over there to play with Nathaniel their adopted Ugandan son. There are a lot of toys there and they seem to get some of their energy out there just being kids.

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