Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to March 22 and 23, Sat. And Sun

Back to March 22 and 23 Sat. -Sun.

Back to March 22 and 23 (Saturday and Sunday) We had a really bad storm last night. So bad in fact that it was pretty scary. We had to close all the windows and our door.(We usually sleep with it open with a mosquito net over it). Furniture was flying everywhere and the lightening was continuous. The rain just was coming down in torrents. If we had been in Alabama it would have been tornado weather. It continued to rain all night. Easter morning was soggy and it rained all day. We were cold! I ended up not going to church because Isaiah had woken up at 4:30am to eat then slept right through til 8am. (Church starts at 8am) I must have gone into a deep sleep because I did not hear the Muslim prayer call at 5:30am, the children in the school singing at 6am or the rooster outside my window crowing at 6:30am! I usually would like to stuff a sock in the amp of the muslims, tell the children to sleep longer and shoot the rooster and have him for dinner! Sorry, I know that is not very Christian of me! My ride down the mountain to church was leaving at 8:30 and so there was no time to get everyone dressed and fed and gone. So we missed. I tried explaining to Allenni and Andrew about Easter but they really couldn’t understand and their version of Jesus dying on the cross was so messed up I really couldn’t get what story they were trying to tell me. We then ended up getting ready leisurely and rozena came and got me after church and took us to Brenda’s house for Easter dinner. It was so nice. Scott and Brenda have 5 kids and are the nicest people. I made deviled eggs and my famous green beans. We had a fresh salad from Brenda’s garden and cranberry relish along with peas and baked potatoes and a HAM! That ham was sooooooo good. If I had closed my eyes, I would have thought I was back home. Now the ham was special. They are hard to find and if you do, they are outrageously priced. Like $200. But they had found one one time and the missionaries had pitched in and bought it and put it in the freezer. They also found it for a cheaper price. We also had pumpkin, lemon and chocolate pie! Pumpkins are readily available here. Most every thing here has to be made from scratch. My green beans were in cans but I paid $1.75 per can for them! I am going to really enjoy cooking again for my family when I get home. That is one thing I miss. When I made the eggs and green beans the other day, Allenni and Andrew were totally fascinated that I knew how to do that! So Easter was spent relaxing with friends. I was thankful to not have been alone.

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