Monday, January 18, 2016


From my FB adoption group: 

Post #38 So as I was digging through documents trying to find birth certificates for ALL of my kids, I came up on two letters that I had received from Northwest/KLM after I had come back home from Uganda back in 2008 with no kids. They were approvals of 4 plane tickets to be refunded. In the Merger of NW and KLM, we had never received the refunds. I felt like I should write KLM and explain that even though it was years ago, I just wanted to know if they would still honor us getting those refunds back? It doesn't hurt to ask does it? So here's hoping that they will have compassion and possibly give us 4 plane tickets or the money back. I know its a long shot but it is a FEW $1000's . Wouldn't that be awesome? Wanna join us in prayer for a miracle? 

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