Wednesday, January 13, 2016


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 To many, this photo may not look like much. Just a bunch of teens goofing off. But to me, it is a reward. It is fruit that my heart has longed to see. It is something I'm even delightfully surprised to see with my two newest sons as they have only been with us a short time. Tonight was a glimpse of what has been happening in their hearts. These kids are not acting as orphans anymore, they are becoming sons and daughters. I'm finding it hard to write the words to describe what is happening here so forgive me as I stumble to portray this beautiful moment. I guess I could say that these kids stepped into "belonging" tonight and what they found as they plopped onto our bed with us, telling stories, laughing, and sharing a few things, was FAMILY. My heart is full. Just overflowing. My kids are home.‪#‎carterunitednations‬ ‪#‎itshardbutworthit‬

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