Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loved 12-10-15

Post #25  12-10-15
This post is not exactly about our current adoption but it is about adoption nonetheless and the bonding of a child who I would have loved to have birthed. I posted it on my FB page but thought I would share it here. Though I did not bring him into our family through birth, my heart and my mind forgets that minor detail. I feel like I KNOW him, that he knows me.
I wrote this this past Sunday 12-6-15 -
The music floats through the air, the lyrics ringing true to the heart -
"Jesus you have won me, you have broken every chain with love and mercy"
This morning as worship started, sitting in our seats, Isaiah grabbed me, pulling me close, putting my head on his chest. How can I resist this moment of tenderness and love being offered so I follow his lead. Stroking my hair, giving me kisses, he speaks in whispers that can only be understood by angels in heaven, he prays over his mama. The love I am overwhelmed with is enormous. This feeling of being loved in a very deep way is unspeakable. It is my reward. This child, left for dead, has been resurrected. Love and Mercy. It breaks every chain. Jesus won his heart, I've won his heart. He's had mine before I ever laid eyes on him. I am blessed. I am his mother.

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