Thursday, December 3, 2015

Becoming Mom again SUDDENLY Post #22 12-3-15

Some previous post had to be only posted to our FB group. 
Post #22 
In about 1 hour, I am about to become mother to two Teenage boys from Africa. 


God sometimes will provide opportunities to love someone else at the most unexpected times.  Because at one point in your life you told God that you were willing to love orphans and those wounded. The opportunities definitely do not come at convenient times or work around your schedule. That's for sure! Ha! But oh well! We will just go with it! 

Yesterday, I kinda had an emotional meltdown like when you are about to get married and all you want to do is runaway or quit or something! I had fears that I wasn't going to be able to mother these two. I had fears of rejection, of failure. But deep breathes and a call to a friend and all was back to being "normal" again. 

Funny, I know their name, but I don't know their birthday, I don't even know what they look like, but I do know I am willing to love them. This was a tenacious fight to seek justice for two kids these last few weeks, and God's kept his eye on them for some time. Glad they can experience something good for a while. I'm glad I get to see what God is gonna do in their lives.

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