Monday, November 30, 2015

Laying Under The Christmas Tree

I am laying under the live Christmas tree writing this. Why, you might ask?

Well, I went to water our beautiful tree and the smell of the White Fir needles immediately made me feel relaxed. So, I decided to write this blog from under the tree.  In dealing daily with essential oils, I learned that White Fir is a grounding oil.  It leaves you feeling emotionally stable and strong enough to weather the storms.  I had forgotten this, but God reminded me of it this morning as I was watering the tree.

 I  feel a storm and I needed to think clearly, so laying there seemed like a good idea, otherwise parts of this blog that have been in my head for several days may very well have offended you, had I written them in my overwhelmed state.

I must have been in the eye of the storm for that short period of time because I got only to this paragraph in writing under the tree before I got a phone call from my 23 year old son who totally had a crisis that he expected me to iron out for him. I'm so glad I was under the tree, otherwise......

 So what is this storm? Probably nothing, but today it feels real. It feels like tornado clouds gathering up strength to blow me away. I know what that is like in real life and that just ain't fun.  

Well, here it is 12 hours later and this blog post is very unfinished.  In fact I am so tired that I really don't remember what I was going to write about...... so tomorrow maybe I will remember.  For now, I'll just close my eyes.

   Later..... much Later.... like a month later......
I do not remember what this blog is supposed to be about, except that I was kinda feeling in a whirlwind and needed some peace to settle in and for the 1st time in awhile, I was alone by myself. In silence..... until my phone would not stop ringing. Multiple times.....
So here is what you get to know.....                
In reality, I am not a calm, serene person.  I am animated, I am very passionate about what I believe to be truth. That is not saying that God does not give me a warehouse full of Grace. I know he does because without it, I would be just a crazy person in the wrong way.  It is only because of this Grace, I am able to use it with my kids when they become unregulated.  I am not saying that I am always calm, cool and collected when my kids get triggered, need some motivation to be obedient or just kick into gear with attitude. But for the most part, I have gained an arsenal of tools over the past years to help me in parenting my once orphan children who have suffered terrible things in their past.

But there are some days that I feel overwhelmed and caught up in a tornado. And it is ok. I am a TREE planted by the water of Life. My roots run deep. I am strong through the storm.

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