Monday, October 12, 2015

Adoption UPDATE #16 10-12-15

POST #16
Its been a while since a post. But nothing happening much. I am missing J. I want to just want to hop on a plane and go get him! 
wish there was NO RED TAPE or complications of paperwork, huge amounts of money, etc... to bringing this little one home to be our son. I wish we could snap our fingers and put Carter on the end of M's name. She has become so bonded to us on an even greater level since we changed her name to Mxxx this summer. She is full of joy and loves her daddy! She expresses her love to us by drawing a lot of pictures. Between her and Isaiah, we have a dresser full of pictures! She had her 9th birthday this week. I cannot believe how little she was when we got her. How she has grown. Please pray that I can carve out this time I need to get some major paperwork done. There seems to be so many wheels turning in our lives. lol! I am hoping to do a major fundraiser in November so stay tuned!

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