Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break Fun! MONDAY - DAY 1!

The kids are out of school for Spring Break, I have one older son at our home just out from the hospital and life goes on! I decided that this spring break, since we really couldn't go anywhere, we would just do fun stuff around town. 
IN AND OUT- Eli, Isaiah, Andrew and Violetti

Allenni and Graham-  Burgers - animal style Graham must have just said some thing witty.

Today, since the weather turned a little chilly, I decided it would be a great day to do movies at the Theater. We took in Cinderella which was a pretty good movie, took a break for lunch at IN and OUT Burger and then headed back to the Theater to see HOME. It had some pretty good laughs. Even though we had just eaten lunch, I ordered two big tubs of Popcorn. I knew my kids would have no problem putting it away. Conclusion?  Day 1 of spring Break seemed to be a success. 
We cut off Isaiah but trust me, he was there! We added purple to our mix. ;) 

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