Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break Day 3 WEDNESDAY

Spring Break has gotten off to a fun start! Today I decided we would head to Turtle Bay. We enjoyed the nature walks, seeing the animals they had, playing on the playground, getting pooped on by Lorikeets, seeing the fish aquariums, and visiting the candy exhibit. 
The kids enjoyed going through the maze

Isaiah has food in his cup which is why the lorikeets are all over him

Andrew is excited ! LOL! 

The birds all made us giggle

I didn't have food but I had money and they tried to take it! 

Eli made a friend

Graham needed some brain power

yes, Allenni has a disguise


We stood and watched the Porcupine aggravate the Skunk for a while. Until finally the skunk had had enough! He turned on the Porcupine and raised his paws as if to say , " Leave me alone or I will slap you! "

The kiddos


on the boardwalk to the outdoor nature area- The "good" pose

The crazy wild pose

At the Candy exhibit. Violetti is sporting that golden hairdo.

They're not acting like sweethearts! 
They were so in awe of this incredible chocolate bar! 

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