Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life Has Been Quite Busy! A little more info catching you up on our lives.

So believe it or not, we are still alive and well! Life seems to have been consumed in a whirlwind and with the coming of FB and instagram, it seems I have abandoned blogging altogether.  I do blog in my head all the time but unfortunately, it never makes it to the computer and to this page. This is my attempt to get more put down for you. 
I found this image that sorta looks like my brain!! Ha! 

So a little catchup to begin..... We now ONLY have seven kids at home! Last year there were ten kids as a missionary friend's daughter was livingwith us to finish up highschool.  Two then graduated high school and this past June, three moved out on their own! Did you get all that??? 
Well, I didn't enjoy the downsizing for long, as this summer we took in two more children from a disruption until an adoptive family could be found taking it up to nine kids being at home. Then, because we didn't think we were full enough,(wink-wink), another young woman moved in for a few months to get on her feet, making our total household right back up to twelve! 
So in September, it seemed a little quiet with just seven at home.

Then that changed a few weeks ago as my son and his friends moved in for a few weeks til their new apartment opened up..... "Wonderfully" They have now gotten into their apt. and we are back down to seven. It seems a little quiet around here with just seven. That will all soon change again I am sure! LOL! We've got another one graduating from high school and moving off to college and hoping another older son will find his wings soon. :) 
I won't know what to do with just 5 kids at home. EASY AS PIE!  

Other things going on in life include me starting my own business last year.Well, Two businesses. i never do anything in singles... I wonder if it is because I am a twin? 
 You may have seen some post about me teaching classes or talking about Essential Oils. Well, yes, I have become that woman who puts an essential oil on everything!  They work and I couldn't be happier! I love Essential Oils! and the company that I work with. 

The other business? Well, It fits right in with the oils. JUICE PLUS.  I had been giving it to several of my kids occasionally for years and one day a friend said to me, why aren't you sharing this with other people? It was a legit question. I  really had no reason not to except that I didn't realize the value of the product I was using. 
So I opted in on their franchise and started sharing this amazing product that helps get an incredible amount of nutrition into my kids and actually saves me tons of money by not having to buy soooooooo many fruits and veggies to juice and force them into my kids! 
Juice Plus offers Whole Food nutrition through shakes, gummies, capsules and the TOWER GARDEN

I mean really ... I tried juicing one day..... You should have seen the enormous amount of fruits and veggies it took to get a gallon of juice. Not only that, I wanted to shake the juicer to hurry up
and fill that little glass sitting under it. By the time the juice was out, I already had a riot breaking out as to who was getting the first glass!  (I'm sure our juicer was not top of the line)- hence the slow, painful process.

REALLY? People do this every day? Oh wait, they don't have THAT many kids to provide juice for! Then there was the dilemma of deciding what to do with all that pulp that I knew was healthy for us and I did not want to throw it away. I decided to make muffins with all that. Genius I am.  They actually turned out pretty good and my kids had no idea there was spinach in there. So we quit the Juicing after one whole day of being on it and took the Juice Plus! 
Do you know what happened? My kids started craving Fruit and Spinach! I can't keep bananas, apples, oranges and strawberries in stock!  I still had to buy all that fruit anyway, but I wasn't having to Juice it!  
I was wondering who had replaced my kids with these previous sugar addicts and so I did an experiment one day, 
Are you ready? I bought a dozen beautifully glazed doughnuts with chocolate and sprinkles all over them and told the kids they could have them. 
Of course they dove right into them,  OK. Epic Experiment Fail. But then guess what? A little later,  I found half eaten doughnuts in the garbage and the others left in the box sat there for 3 days! Experiment Success! I attributed it to them taking Juice Plus. My kids' bodies wanted to make healthier choices. 


Which leads me to another thing we have been doing as a family.... Getting healthier! This has been a tough journey. We have committed ourselves over the last few years to healing - physically, spiritually and emotionally. It has not been the easiest thing we have set our minds to but we are making progress individually and as a family.  At first I got a bunch of flack from kiddos who griped and complained that their sugary snacks were disappearing and that soft drinks were no longer available. But..... It has been changing. 
We just got ourselves a TOWER GARDEN by Juice Plus and already have some plants going pretty good. Since buying organic veggies is not an option for our large family because of cost, We are looking forward to having a nutrient dense vegetable garden using this awesome Tower Garden. 

 Spiritually, we are forever growing and being stretched. We are so thankful for the incredible teaching and activation we have access to here at Bethel. 
Emotionally, the healing is a continual work in progress for all of us. I have been so thankful to discover essential oils and their benefits for emotional wellbeing.  I wrote another blog recently on more stuff going on in our lives so you can read about it here. 
So my kids lives, and my two businesses keep me on the run. solutions. That's what I have been up to in a nutshell. 

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