Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Lot of Mad

July 1, 2014
Prayers would be very welcomed for us. 
smile emoticon As you all sorta know, we are stepping into a kinda new family dynamic. 

 We have two African children with us in a private "foster" situation until another adoptive family can be found. They have been here for  a few weeks. Strength, peace, identity and joy prayers are needed. These last couple of days, there has been A LOT of MAD ( anger) flying around here. I see it as all good though because it is getting flushed out of their spirits. 
This MAD from the two new girls also triggers my other two youngest so therefore we sometimes have a MAD party! LOL! ( to which I DO NOT invite the MAD HATTER) What this requires of me is INTENTIONAL stopping this MAD in its tracks and helping them to regulate themselves using essential oils and what God says about them and claiming joy from Jesus . 
It can be exhausting and extremely rewarding at the same time. I feel God's Presence through it all and know he is working to heal their little hearts. As I focus to keep my ear to Father's heart, I marvel at his love that is engulfing them. We are shielded and I know it is because there are those that are interceding for us.

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