Saturday, May 10, 2014

My First Juice Plus Check! LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE INTENSIVE , May 2014

May was a full month for us a family! After using Juice Plus in our family for several years and absolutely love the product, I decided it would be a great to become a virtual Franchise owner. I was so excited to get my first check in the mail from them! If you think you might be interested, I am looking for new distributers on my team at any time! 

Over these last few years, Duane and I have felt like we have been through the ringer dealing with our kids emotional hurts and in that process have become tired, worn out and a little disconnected because our bonding seems to always be in crisis moments which is not actually healthy for a marriage.  This can often happen in adoptive families as the parents typically can just shift into survival mode and their marriages just don't grow. 
An organization out of our church called LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE offers a Marriage Intensive 2 times a year and Duane and I attended it. Wow! is all I can say. For 5 days us and 3 other couples become partners in strengthening our marriages. It was so out of our comfort zone but we overcame and had healing moments in each of our marriages.  If you want more information, I suggest going to their website  

                            Our group having lunch together.  The other photos are of each couple reaffirming each other. 


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