Friday, January 10, 2014

Essential Oil Use

What does this pic my hubby took have to do with an ADD post? Well, it's serene and calming. :)
My blog post about using High Grade Essential Oils for FOCUSING and helping your child through school when he/she needs support with a learning behavior has been very popular these past few months.   You can access the post here MENTAL WELLNESS. Our boys are still doing great after all these months and are improving in school. They love the smell of the oils and one now has a job where he can't smell like oils so he continues to take the capsule and uses it with his deodorant or puts it on the bottoms of his feet or puts some in his hand and inhales a few times before he goes to work. He's a delivery driver and believe me, he makes me nervous, but so far so good! We are loving the oils. 

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