Saturday, December 7, 2013

Roller Coasters- Emotional Ones!

Life as an adoptive parent of 10 can be a daily emotional roller coaster of sorts. One moment you are laughing and giggling enjoying seeing your child's "first " of something, then the next you are confronting in love a lie, a mindset that another child is believing about their life. In another you are facing the demonic activity of fear, hoping that they comprehend you, can hear you when you try to help kill that fear through love. In another they've lost hope somewhere along the way believing that they are still a survivor,have to make it alone and can't move forward from that to live life abundantly. Then you get a glimpse again of hope, or joy or peace through the actions or demeanor of another. 
Violetti's first time to the Movie Theatre
Through the good and bad stresses of nurturing wounded ones brought into your care, you lay exhausted, wondering if you really are making a difference. Feeling that unconditional love is really easier spoken than done. Wondering if ever at all that the invisible wall that they've thrown up around them for protection will crumble. Feeling elated and successful when a once broken child throws their arms around you and exclaims, I love you, mommy! Or another offers you a massage because you look tired, or another accomplishes a feat, never thought to have been possible for them.. 
Violetti's first time to experience snow
Isaiah loves his mama!
We made Olaf the snowman from FROZEN but our mistake was building him in a direct sun ray.  He melted rather quickly and fell over. He did say he loves heat! 

I don't like roller coasters that much. The ride uphill is sooooo slow and boring, mundane. The crest of it is quiet scary and the drop, nauseating. The turns and twists and upside downs, jerk you and bang you. You scream then laugh, then scream again, wishing it was over. You have no control over the range of emotion you feel in a very short period of time. But, i guess I've chosen to ride this roller coaster in life if it means my child gets a taste of truth and love that one day will lead them to an abundant life. Why am I sharing this? I don't know. In the quiet of the night after a day of multiple emotional roller coaster rides. I just wanted to tell somebody. I don't really like roller coasters that much, but I keep riding them.
The look after a roller coaster ride or a trip to Target for Christmas Presents.

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