Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two days at Destiny Rescue- Prevention

Having fun with the kids at the prevention center

These girls loved Eli- Kimberly's baby

The kids had a fun time and so did we! 

Jacqueline and I were blowing up punch ballons

It is late and I must get to bed but will post a short description of our day. Our day started out by ministering to the Western and Thai staff at Destiny Rescue. It was incredible as Bob and Kimberly encouraged the staff and then us as a team gave out encouraging words to each of them as God showed us his heart for them. Afterwards we toured the salon they are about to open and it was chic and beautiful! Paul Mitchell had donated all their products and many other stuff and the place was top notch. Girls have already been in training for over a year now to be stylist. We then went to their prevention home It was awesome! Destiny takes the kids that families want to sell into brothels and pays a monthly stipend to the families and saves the girls and boys from having to go into brothels, therefore stopping the cycle before they get caught up in it! What an incredible idea! Destiny educates them and when they get older, they pay them them to continue school or get trained in an vocation, thus keeping them out of the vicious cycle that would ruin their lives. I love the fact that Destiny is giving them a future and a hope. Everything they have done is excellent and top notch. We ate lunch at their cafe and can I say that the beauty and decor of the place was incredible! Then the food.... Some of the best thai food I have ever tasted! After lunch we headed over to the prevention home for fun and games with the kids. My job was to paint finger nails and these girls loved it!
After a rest for a little bit, we went back to the prevention center for a service with all the girls, children and staff. It was an incredible service as we worshiped God and after Bob our team leader preached, we did a fire tunnel for all the kids, girls, staff and missionaries. For those of you who do not know what a fire tunnel is , it is a where the ministry team lines up on two sides to create a tunnel for others to walk through. As people walk through, we pray over them and bless them. it was so much fun to see people hungry for God's presence. After that, Bob told us to line up and then he asked if anybody need prayer for healing to come up and one of us would pray for them. There was quite a few, so we prayed for each person. A deaf girl came up to me and I told God, you have healed deaf ears before and I know you can heal hers. So I prayed for her ears to open up so that she could hear. Simple as that!!! To check her hearing, I snapped my fingers and she jumped and the biggest smile came on her face. Just to be sure, I had her step away from me and snapped my fingers again. She smiled real big and gave me thumbs up! Then I clapped my hands asking her if she could hear. SHE DID! We then clapped our hands together praising Jesus! There were many other people that I prayed for that their pain and injury got healed. My God is an amazing and wonderful God!! There is none like HIM! I believe with all my heart that God is the same yesterday, today and forever! He still heals and loves us tremendously! I would call this a good day! Though I have been pushed somewhat outside of my box, I am getting to know who my God is! He is the lover of souls and he still shows up just like he did through many pages of the Bible. He didn't stop being God after Jesus returned to heaven and all of the disciples died. No, he still is all powerful and has promised to heal those who are sick and weary. He still sets the captives free!
We head out tomorrow for an overnight public bus ride into Cambodia after a half day of ministering. It should be interesting! Keep us in your prayers as we cross the border into Cambodia.

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