Sunday, April 7, 2013

Church in Kohn Kaen Thailand April 7

Upon arriving in Kohn Kaen, Thailand, we headed out to church but since we hadn't eaten, Julie took us to a local Thai Food court in the neighborhood. Most of us had no idea what we were ordering. The food though was yummy and spicy.   A few played it safe and found another vendor where they could see the food.

Can you read that menu???

Elyssa played it safe and went down to the 7 Eleven

Ari and Cade played in the "Nursery" at the back of the church

Church is about to start, this place ended up being packed out as several churches  joined together

The worship in Thai was great! They even had strobe lights!

Bob had an awesome interpretor named Grace. She was so tiny compared to him but she caught his personality perfectly!

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